Tennis Courts


There are seven tennis courts located throughout the Town. The use of the courts is limited to resident permit holders and their guests.


Town of Highland Park residents may apply for an annual Municipal Tennis Court Permit.

The cost is $40 for an individual permit.


Reservations are required and may be made no more than 72 hours in advance. Permit holders may make one reservation per day (per permit holder).  This application is best viewed in the Chrome web browser.

Online Reservations

Rules for Tennis Court Use

Per Town Ordinance Sec 1.11.143, the following rules shall be adhered to by those using the Tennis Courts:

  • (a) Tennis courts are to be used only for tennis play. It shall be a violation of this division for any person to enter upon tennis courts located in the Town and use same for any purpose other than tennis play.
  • (b) Each of the following enumerated acts is forbidden in and around municipal tennis courts located in the Town:

(1) Cursing, swearing or using indecent language.
(2) Creating a disturbance or unnecessary noise.
(3) Acting with indecent familiarity toward other persons.
(4) Entering upon tennis courts while under the influence of intoxicating liquor.
(5) Discarding food, beverages, bottles, cans or other refuse within the fenced-in areas surrounding the tennis courts.
(6) Throwing rocks, dirt, debris, or any other objects in, on or around the tennis courts.
(7) Throwing tennis racquets, metal objects, or other items manufactured of hard material in, on or around the tennis courts.
(8) Taking or permitting dogs or other pets within the fenced in areas surrounding the tennis courts.
(9) Climbing fences.

Please end your game on time to allow for you to exit the court before the next players arrive.

Tutorials for Navigating the Online Reservation Software

Account Creation on a Mobile Device

Purchase a Tennis Permit on your Desktop Computer

Purchase a Tennis Permit on your Mobile Device 

Make a Tennis Reservation from your Desktop Computer

Make a Tennis Reservation from your Mobile Device

Call 214-521-4161 for assistance

Pickleball at Tennis Court #5 and #8

Experience Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the US with some healthy competition and social fun! This paddle and whiffle ball sport is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.  Additional info...


Tennis Court 13800 Lexington Avenue
Tennis Court 25300 Drexel Drive
Tennis Courts 3, 4, 5 (Pickleball Courts A & B on Court 5)
4525 Edmondson Avenue
Tennis Court 74501 St. Johns Drive
Tennis Court 8 (Pickleball Courts A & B)
4814 Abbott Avenue