Parties at the Pool

Parties at the HP Swimming Pool

Parties are $100 for groups of 20 or fewer people and $200 for groups of 21 or more. Parties are scheduled for up to two hours. Please book your party with Steve Sapien, Pool Manager, by completing in the online request form. The Pool Manager must approve your request before you pay the Party Fee online and in advance of your event at CivicRec is best viewed in Google Chrome. You will need to have created a CivicRec account and be verified as a Town resident before being able to pay. Just click on the ACTIVITIES tab, and select Swimming Pool to see the fee options.

For any guest attending the party that does not have an HP Pool Permit, a visitor pass is required at a cost of $7 per pass. Passes may be purchased at the door by party organizers or their guests, cash or check only. Parties may only be scheduled during the Regular Swim Season dates.

For food that will be delivered for parties, please use the physical address of 3801 Lexington Avenue, 75205. A party organizer must be on site to receive any deliveries. Pool staff are not responsible for receiving deliveries.