Vehicle Burglaries

There are simple precautions a car owner may utilize to reduce the chances of a car burglary. Illegal entry into your vehicle requires only a few seconds, and this includes the suspect rummaging through the interior of the vehicle. Consider these steps to best protect your vehicle and contents inside the car:

  • Lock the doors - An unlocked car is very inviting to a thief who wants to avoid detection
  • Do not store valuables inside the vehicle - Note: in instances where items of value must remain in the vehicle, stow these items in the trunk or boot of the vehicle
  • Items in plain view - backpacks, handbags, personal electronics, navigation systems, sunglasses, and loose change are targets for vehicle burglaries and "smash and grab" opportunities
  • When possible, park the vehicle in a well lit area
  • SUV third row seats - owners of a SUV with third row seats, the seats that are easily removable, should consider adding an after market third-row-seat lock

Car burglaries can occur in broad daylight or during the cover of darkness. Suspicious activity should be reported to the police immediately.