Career with Highland Park DPS

Public Safety Officer

Operating as the Highland Park Department of Public Safety (HPDPS), our public safety personnel are cross-trained as a police officer, firefighter, and paramedic. The shift responsibilities require HPDPS officers to work "48 hours on," and "96 hours off." This schedule is similar to some fire departments across the United States where the 48-hour shifts are designated as "A-Shift," "B-Shift" and "C-Shift." Officers are assigned to one of the shifts, and each 48-hour shift is broken up into two, 24 hour periods. Each 24-hour work day is further broken up into three, eight hour time periods. For example, an officer may operate in the police capacity from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and the remaining 16 hours operate as a paramedic assigned to an ambulance. 

Communications Specialist

Highland Park DPS Communications Specialists (Dispatchers) are trained to assist and support the police, fire and EMS emergency and non-emergency functions in Highland Park. Communications Specialists with HPDPS perform a wide range of telephone, radio and computer functions, all designed to prioritize incoming calls for police, fire, and EMS assistance. The HPDPS Communications Center is spacious, state of the art, and furnished with three consoles.

Courtroom Security Officer

The Courtroom Security Officers maintain order during court sessions and remain alert to possible disturbances, providing security for the Judge and the court.  This is a part-time position that works predominately on Tuesday afternoons, or when the court is in session.

Career Employment Opportunities with the Nationally Accredited Highland Park DPS

Those interested in a career with Highland Park DPS are encouraged to complete the Department’s online Employee Interest Form. An HPDPS representative will follow-up with you prior to upcoming testing dates.  

Current Employment Opportunities

Current employment opportunities are posted online: Town of Highland Park Employment Opportunities

Our Mission: Hire for Character; Train for Proficiency; Provide Unmatched Service.

Bring us your good character, attitude, and work ethic, and we’ll provide you with the training it takes to be a public safety professional.

Contact Recruiting 

Should you have any additional questions about the application process, feel free to reach out to Lt. Zach Sitton directly by email, or by phone at 214-559-9349. 

The Town of Highland Park

Small Town Values...

  • Strong families
  • Strong sense of community
  • Strong support for public safety and those who deliver it

Surrounded by Big City opportunities...

  • Highland Park, four miles north of downtown Dallas in central Dallas County, is a 2.2-square-mile residential "island city" surrounded by Dallas on the south, east, and west and University Park and Southern Methodist University on the north
  • Five minutes from downtown Dallas business, culture, arts and entertainment

Unique Setting...

  • Our population of about 8900 is surrounded by a major metropolitan area of about 6 million people. Unlike most small towns, there is no distance between us and the big city
  • Our Town is frequented by world leaders in every area, including politics, business, and the arts

With Timely, People-Centered Solutions...

  • Our average two-minute police response surprises our new residents and new criminals alike. Directly monitored alarms, an excellent officer to citizen to ratio, and a strong partnership with our residents work together to put us on location quickly, where we are needed, when we are needed. We are ready
  • Our department members seek to balance friendly, personal service with sound training and best practices to keep our officers and residents as safe as possible