Fire / EMS

Chief Chuck McGinnis, Director of Public Safety

The Highland Park Department of Public Safety is a unique blending of fire, police, and emergency medical services. An officer with the Highland Park Department of Public Safety is assigned to one of three 48-hour shifts, either "A," "B," or "C" shift. Public Safety Officers are cross-trained in police, fire and EMS, and engage in each of these disciplines every shift. It is a demanding profession that requires highly qualified and motivated officers to fulfill the requirements of the profession. The Operations staff is supported by an equally motivated Administrative staff. At the Highland Park Department of Public Safety we work hard each day to deliver the highest levels of service.

Engine 331 Highlights

  • Pierce engine with 500 gallon water tank
  • Ground ladders
  • Forcible entry equipment
  • Gas powered saws
  • High-Rise packs
  • Aerial lighting device

Med 331 and Med 332

  • Fully Equipped Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • Patient area large enough to seat three adults
  • Portable ZOLL monitor/defibrillator with wireless transmission capabilities to Emergency Room staff
  • Stocked with additional medical/trauma supplies to treat multiple patients

Highland Park DPS partners with University Park Fire Department and Dallas Fire/Rescue on Automatic Assistance and Mutual Aid calls. These agencies support one another on incidents that require additional resources, firefighters, and equipment.