Retaliation by your Offender

Threats from the offender or their family members are taken very seriously by the Highland Park Department of Public Safety and the District Attorney. If you are contacted by anyone regarding your actions connected to their arrest or prosecution, immediately contact the Highland Park Department of Public Safety and advise the detective assigned to your case.

Family Protective Orders

A protective order is a legal remedy for the use and protection of victims of family violence. Family violence means the intentional use or threat of physical force by a member of a family or household against another member of the family or household.

Family & Household Definitions

Family includes "individuals related by blood or marriage," i.e. spouses, ex-spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, sister, parents, children, etc. Household means a unit composed of persons living together in the same dwelling, whether or not they are related to each other.

Note: Family violence offenses have been expanded to include dating relationships and sexual assault.

Obtaining a Family Protective Order

Protective orders may be obtained through the District Attorney's Office. These orders are valid for two years and prohibit a suspect from committing family violence, and from going to a victim's home or place of work.

Fees & Alternate Forms of Attainment

Protective orders obtained through the District Attorney's Office are free. These protective orders may also be obtained through a private attorney or a legal aid service.

Emergency Protective Orders

You may be able to obtain an emergency protective order if the abuser is arrested. At the time of arraignment, the magistrate may grant a temporary protective order at the request of a peace officer or a victim, provided the abuser is still in custody.

Length or Order

The order is good for 61 days. If you want to apply for an emergency protective order, let the arresting officer know and he/she will explain to you how to obtain the order.

Prevention of Family Violence

Does a family protective order prevent family violence? A family protective order can deter violence and provide the police and courts additional authority to intervene in family vio­lence cases and to punish those who commit family violence, but it is not a shield that truly stops the next violent act from occurring.

Helpful Resources

Most violent relationships become more dangerous and more violent over time, not less violent. If you feel you are in danger, please contact one of the resources listed (PDF) for further information about your options.