Understanding Your Bill

Unusually High Bills

Have you received a water bill that seems unusually high? If so, review your bill closely. Your bill includes a graph of your water consumption (in thousands of gallons) for the past 13 months. The current billing month is on the left of the graph. Note how the current billing month consumption compares with the other months.


Does the consumption seem normal compared to last month or to this month last year? If not, there are a number of reasons that could contribute to a higher than normal water bill:

  • Watering your lawn more frequently is the most common reason.
  • Having house guests for an extended period of time can also increase your water usage.
  • There could be a leaking faucet or a running toilet in your home.

If your consumption seems unusually high, contact the Customer Service Office at 214-521-4161 or visit HP4U Resident Connect. We will reread your meter, and can arrange to meet with you to help determine if you might have an undetected leak. The sooner a leak is repaired, the sooner your consumption will decrease.