The Town of Highland Park has partnered with WaterSmart to provide an online Customer Water Use Portal helping residents monitor water consumption while at home or away, avoid costly leaks, and contribute to the Town's water-saving goals.

WaterSmart Portal

With the WaterSmart Portal residents can:

  • Track daily water use
  • See how your household water use compares to similar Town water customers
  • Receive notifications when your daily consumption exceeds the prior day's consumption by the volume threshold you set
  • Get bill forecast notifications
  • Receive leak alert notifications

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Signing up is easy!

Watersmart Customer Portal
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Contact Customer Service to request an emailed link to register for WaterSmart.

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Access your Customer Water-Use Portal with your email address and a unique password you create.

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Complete your customer profile HERE to receive regular recommendations to help save water and money.


Call 214-521-4161 or email Sherry Dial, Customer Service Supervisor.