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Department of Public Safety

  1. Citizen Interaction Form
  2. Employment Interest Form
  3. House Watch Request Form
  4. Racial/Biased Based Profiling Complaint Form
  5. Resident-Only Parking Program Permit Application

    Resident-Only parking permit application for for residents

  6. Security Camera Registration Program

    Please complete the following information to register your security camera system with Highland Park Department of Public Safety.

  1. Employee Parking Vehicle Registration Form
  2. Home Fire Inspection Request
  3. Lost and Found Pet

    If you have lost or found a pet, please complete this form and upload a photo if available. We will post this information on the... More…

  4. Resident-Only Parking Permits for Construction Vehicle(s)

    Permits for construction vehicle(s) in Resident-Only Parking areas

  5. Resident-Only Parking Program Permit Application: Guest and Temporary Permits

    A resident may obtain unlimited temporary parking permits at no charge for guests for special events or occasions. The issuance of... More…


  1. Town Web Mapping

    Graphical Information System Map of Town of Highland Park, Texas

Human Resources

  1. Job Application - Town of Highland Park

    The Town of Highland Park considers applications for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, national... More…


  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Friends of the Library Donation Form
  3. William P. Clements, Jr. Library Reserve Fund Donation Form

    Make a donation to the fund using this form.

  1. Book Coach

    Let Library staff be your Book Coach and help you find spot-on reads! Please complete the form below and tell us about your reading... More…

  2. Library Master Plan Contact Form

Parks Department

  1. Flippen Park Gazebo Reservation Application

    Town residents can reserve the Flippen Park Gazebo for weddings only. Make reservations by filling out the online application and... More…

  1. Pool Party Reservation Application