Utility Tree Trimming

Oncor's Vegetation Maintenance Program

Oncor’s planned vegetation maintenance (VM) program is essential to delivering safe and reliable electric service. As the electric delivery provider, Oncor is responsible for ensuring proper clearance from the power lines. When maintenance has been scheduled within the Town, the Oncor representative's goal is to contact all residents, and two separate attempts will be made to make contact. Door notifications will be left at the residence, along with contact information. Resident notifications will begin approximately two weeks before a scheduled project commences. 

Oncor trims to industry standards and will be pruning those affected trees 10-feet as a rule; however, cuts could go as far back as to the trunk in some cases so as not to jeopardize the tree's health. It is standard procedure for Oncor tree trimmers to use cuts in the shape of “V” or “L” depending on the proximity of the trees to the power lines, the type of tree, etc. It should also be noted that Oncor contractors properly clean utensils from oak tree to oak tree, and do paint cuts made when completed; however, this is limited to oak trees only. Oncor is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service to our customers. This work is an example of that commitment.

For More Information

Visit Oncor's FAQ page for residents about their Vegetation Maintenance Program, https://www.oncor.com/content/oncorwww/us/en/home/about-us/safety.html#separator-c2e92a5184 or see their short video about the VM program at https://www.oncor.com/content/oncorwww/us/en/home/about-us/vegetation-management-.html.