Hackberry Creek Master Plan

Hackberry Creek Master Plan

What is the Hackberry Creek Master Plan?

The Hackberry Creek Master Plan is a conceptual design document to recommend, prioritize and guide future design efforts for conserving and restoring Hackberry Creek. Improvements are intended to enhance the natural beauty of the creek and adjacent corridor and meet the needs of future generations. Anticipating possible improvements for the creek, the Town Council has approximately $5.8M available for the project in the Town’s ten-year capital improvement plan.

What are the study’s geographical limits?

The study was limited to the Hackberry Creek channel, beginning near Byron Avenue and running generally southward as the creek flows into Connor Lake. The handful of locations where the creek crosses private property was not a part of the study or possible future improvements.

What kinds of improvements are expected to be included in the Master Plan?

It is important to note all work resulting from the Master Plan shall be on Town-owned property. Three categories of Improvements are anticipated to be included in the Master Plan recommendations:

  1. Design recommendations for erosion control systems, retaining walls to restore channel banks, bridge abutments and storm drain headwalls that have eroded and/or have the potential of eroding.
  2. Recommendations for systems, products and plant materials that are sympathetic to the natural landscape and architectural stone pedestrian bridges within the creek corridor.
  3. Conceptual design of pedestrian walkways, benches, site amenities, landscape lighting and irrigation that could be integrated into the creek corridor.

Continuing the legacy and natural beauty of Hackberry Creek, special care and attention will be given to improve design and materials being compatible with existing conditions.