Library Master Plan

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In 2017, the Town set out to develop a Master Plan (“Plan”) for its Library by engaging Town residents and utilizing the assistance of The Ivy Group, Ltd., a consultancy with expertise in library services, programs, technologies, and collections.

Through extensive public engagement, the Town developed and in 2018 adopted the ten-year strategy: Inspiring a New Chapter: Preserving the Best of the Past While Providing the Best of the Future.

Staff created and enacted an action plan, with objectives and projects for implementation, spanning Fiscal Years 2019 through 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town Council approved an extension of the Plan for FY 2022, as well. 

As an update to the Plan and to provide guidance for the next several fiscal years, staff has reviewed and identified further action items for the Library to embrace, which will build on the strategies discovered as part of the original master planning process.  

Five overarching themes, which the Library will continue to utilize as foundations for growth in the coming years, emerged from the original research:

  1. Back to Basics: Building the Framework for a High-Performing Future
  2. Customer Service: Delivering Excellence and Welcome Surprises
  3. Service to Children, Tweens, and Teens: Connecting with the Next Generations
  4. Branding and Marketing: Amplifying the Message
  5. A Library Without Walls: Leveraging Virtual and External Assets

The projects and initiatives spanning FY 2023 - 2025 will expand the path for the Library as the community's connection to lifelong learning.

Please use the Library Master Plan Contact Form to ask questions about the project or submit comments.

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