Leaf Blower Information

Leaf blowers help do a variety of lawn and garden tasks. Before using a blower, read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to understand how the leaf blower works and how to use it properly.

General Rules

  • Never point an operating blower in the direction of people or pets
  • Make sure bystanders, including other operators, are at least 50 feet away
  • Stop the blower if someone approaches
  • Do not use a blower indoors or in poorly ventilated areas.
  • Inspect the blower before and during use to make sure there is no damage and all controls, parts and safety devices are working properly
  • Never modify a blower in a way not authorized by the manufacturer
  • Work carefully and be safe, courteous and responsible
Image of a man's legs walking with leaf blower

Reduce Noise

  • Purchase sound-reduced blowers if possible
  • Use nozzle attachments to help reduce noise
  • Operate blower at half-throttle
  • Make sure blower muffler, air intakes, and air filter are in good operating condition
  • Purchase sound-reduced blowers

Reduce Dust

  • Use the full nozzle extensions to control sound and minimize dust and start close to the ground
  • Pay attention to they type of debris being moved
  • Wet dusty areas first and use a vacuum or power broom before using a blower

Be Efficient

  • Learn to control air velocity to lift leaves without lifting dust
  • Practice nozzle movement and throttle control combinations to minimize dust and noise

Operate Courteously

  • Be mindful of the surrounding area
  • Follow Town ordinances when using leaf blowers
  • Avoid using blowers during very early mornings or late in the evening
  • Check wind direction and intensity and never blow debris toward people, pets or homes
  • Never blow debris toward open windows or doors
  • Always be considerate of nearby people and property
  • Never leave the blower running when unattended
  • Never use a blower to spread or mist fertilizers, chemicals or other toxic substances, unless it is designed for these purposes and in an appropriate area