Filing a Complaint

In order to better serve our community, please file all noise complaints with the Town so that we may monitor and record all complaints received.

A noise complaint may be filed online at HP4U, the Highland Park Resident Connection by selecting the topic "Love Field Noise Complaint."

To file a complaint directly with the City of Dallas, please visit the Dallas Love Field Noise Complaint Investigation Procedure page. Please follow the following guidelines when logging a complaint with the Town or City of Dallas: 

  • Noise complaints will only be logged when they contain accurate and complete information, including the first and last name, physical address, date and time of the noise occurrence and means of contact (telephone number or email address) if feedback is requested.
  • It is recommended that noise complaints should be reported within one week of the occurrence.

Contact the City of Dallas Mayor.

You are also encouraged to file complaints with the FAA's Aviation Noise Ombudsman. You can do so by emailing your complaint to, calling 816-329-3001 or 817-222-5101, or visiting the FAA Noise Portal at As recommended above, please be very detailed and specific in your complaint information.