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Vendor Information
The Town has a decentralized purchasing system, so the purchasing process takes place at the departmental level. Invoices are approved by the individual departments and forwarded to the Finance Department for payment.

Chapter 176 of the Texas Local government Code requires a person or business, and their agents, who contract with the Town or seek to contract with the Town for the sale or purchase of goods, services, or property to file a conflicts of disclosure questionnaire (FORM CIQ).

Vendor Documents

Prospective vendors should complete a Vendor Registration Form and return the requested materials to the Town of Highland Park's Finance Department at 4700 Drexel Drive, Highland Park, Texas 75205. Vendor information is distributed to the appropriate departments based upon the information on the form.

All vendors must return a completed Form W-9 and a completed Conflict of Interest Questionnaire to the Town before payments shall be processed for payment. These forms may be faxed to the Finance Department at 214-559-9348 or mailed to:
Finance Department
4700 Drexel Drive
Highland Park, Texas 75205

Town's Local Government Officers
For the purpose of completing the required Conflict of Interest Questionnaire for the Town of Highland Park, Texas (required by all vendors who submit bids and/or proposals), the Town's local government officers are:
  • Margo Goodwin, Mayor
  • John McKnight, Mayor Pro Tem
  • David Dowler, Town Council Member
  • Eric Gambrell, Town Council Member
  • Jimmy Grisham, Town Council Member
  • Craig Penfold, Town Council Member
  • Bill Lindley, Town Administrator


All invoices must be billed to the Town of Highland Park. Invoices may reference individual departments; however, invoices may not be billed to individual departments. Doing so may delay payment. 

Purchase Orders
If applicable, invoices must include the appropriate purchase order number. 

As a municipality in the State of Texas, the Town of Highland Park is exempt from sales and use tax under Texas Tax Code, Article 151.309 (5), Vernon’s Texas Codes-Annotated.

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