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Forms & Applications

The 2014 National Electrical Code and 2015 International Codes family were adopted and made effective on September 1, 2016.  The Energy Conservation Code had the most impact with respect to more stringent requirements.  The builder is now required to engage a certified 3rd party energy inspector and submit the two adopted energy forms by the NCTCOG:
          1. The Energy Compliance Path Form is be required with submission of the residential permit and plan application; 
          2. The Energy Compliance Certificate Form is be required prior to final inspection of the residential project.

The ordinances adopting these individual codes are available on the Building Department's home page

Regulation of Building Materials (HB 2439 - 86th Legislature)
After gaining support and successful votes of approval in both the House and Senate, H.B. 2439 was signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 14 and made effective September 1, 2019.   H.B. 2439 restricts local governments from mandating the use of only specific products, and it allows the use of products and materials currently permitted in current building codes. Therefore, any building material which is allowed in each respective code is also allowed to be used in the Town of Highland Park.

Storm Water Regulation

Storm Water Protection Measures were implemented for erosion/sedimentation control by the Town Council and the Town's Engineering Department effective January 28, 2013.  The measures must be continuously maintained by the builder during the course of construction.  If improper maintenance is observed, the job can be shut-down and citations issued for allowing mud/dirt/debris to leave the building site and/or being deposited on the Town's right-of-ways.   

Fee Payment
All permit and contractor registration fees must be paid before work can begin.  You may pay ONLINE through your Contractor interface with MyGov, or in our office via cash, check, or credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.  Effective October 1, 2017, all contractors who are required to obtain a permit, will also be required to register their company and pay the associated contractor registration fee.  State Law prohibits a municipality from collecting a registration fee from Plumbing and Electrical contractors.

Registration & Permit Information
Please use our ONLINE Contractor Registration to allow for Online Project (permit) Application submission and online Inspection Requests from your contractor Log-in.  

Franchised Waste Haulers 
All construction related waste haulers (e.g. dumpster, temporary sanitation facilities, grease/grit traps) shall be franchised with the Town of Highland Park to use the streets and alleys in which to conduct their business.  Contractors shall verify the companies who service their projects are listed on the approved list of franchised vendors with the Town of Highland Park, or such companies may apply to be registered within the Town using a Franchised Waste Haulers Application.

Concrete/Excavation/Utility R-O-W Permit Information
In an effort to minimize the duration an alley or street is closed due to Water and/or Sewer Taps being installed, Flowable Back-Fill shall be the only acceptable backfill method in preparation for replacing the concrete Right-of-Way surface.  In addition to requiring Flowable Back-Fill, the concrete specification shall be "High Early Strength" (HES) concrete cured to 3500 psi minimum in 24 hours to allow the Right-of-Way to be restored expeditiously for vehicle access and not remain inaccessible for 7-days of curing.   
The Town Engineering Department processes and inspects franchised Utility R-O-W permits: