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Pool Party Reservation Request

  1. If this is a party for a school or group, please type the name of the organization.

  2. Please enter the date and the time you would like to hold your party. Parties are scheduled for only 2 hours.

  3. What age or grade will the party be for?

  4. Approximately how many guest passes will you need to purchase? Any attendees that are HP residents who have a Swim Permit do not need a guest pass. They will need to have their Permit on them to check in. All other guests will need a guest pass to enter.

  5. Thank you for requesting a pool party!

    Your request will be sent to Steve Sapien, Pool Manager, for consideration. When he has contacted you and confirmed your reservation, appropriate party fees must be paid on CivicRec ( to secure/finalize your reservation. You will need to create an account if you do not have one already.

    If your party is cancelled for any reason, party fees are refundable; or you may request to reschedule your party.

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