SEPTEMBER Titles for Young People

Holly’s Pick

Ancient Egypt
by George Hart
After seeing the Ramses Exhibit in Dallas when I was a kid, I became fascinated with all things ancient Egypt. I loved pouring over the children’s encyclopedic books and seeing all the colorful murals and artifacts. I enjoyed reading the myths and legends. By middle school, I was bound and determined to become an Egyptologist when most of my friends didn’t even know what the word meant!

Kortney’s Pick

Glow: Animals With Their Own Night-Lights
by W.H. Beck
Discover the world of bioluminescence through stunning photographs and detailed descriptions of deep-sea life. The anglerfish is a particular favorite in our household. 

Laura’s Pick

The Big Book of Blue
by Yuval Zommer
Having grown up near the ocean, I’ve always had a great love and respect for the sea and marine life.  This book is packed with ocean life and beautiful illustrations.

Nancy’s Pick

Basketball: The Math Behind the Perfect Bounce Pass, the Buzzer-beating Bank Shot, and So Much More!
by James Buckley, Jr.
Full of color photos of NBA and WNBA stars, past and present, and explanations of the sport for kids and grandmas, this book includes division and multiplication, numbers, geometry, measurement, physics, averages, percentages, and more math concepts. I’m looking forward to other sport books in the It's a Numbers Game series from National Geographic Kids and ESPN.

Sarah’s Pick

by Miranda MacQuitty
As a kid, I had such a fascination with sharks. I learned many facts that I still remember today. Did you know, there used to be a shark, that is now extinct, called the megalodon? The megalodon could get up to 60  feet in length; that's bigger than a school bus!

Sharon’s Pick

Hanging off Jefferson's Nose
by Tina Nichols Coury
This is a great book about the history of Mt. Rushmore. Gutzon Broglum began the project in 1927, and it was completed 14 years later.