OCTOBER Titles for Young People

Leaf Through a Good Book

Courtney's Pick

Moonlight: The Halloween Cat
by Cynthia Rylant 
In this adorably illustrated book, Moonlight the cat explores the countryside on her favorite night of Halloween.  

Kortney's Pick

We Found a Hat
by John Klassen
Fall often means the emergence of hats and scarves from the closet. Read this humorous tale of what happens when two turtles find only one hat instead of two. Never fear friendship rings true in the end. 

Laura's Pick

by Michael Hall
In this beautifully illustrated book, Hall combines the concept of counting with the changing seasons.

Nancy's Pick

Full of Fall
by April Pulley Sayre
Gently rhyming text paired with large vibrant photos make this a great read-aloud. Each two-page spread has about a dozen words describing trees’ transformations in autumn. A brief explanation of the science concepts can be found at the back for grandmas who need a quick refresher on chlorophyll or decomposition.

Randall's Pick

Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature
by Rachel Williams
Complete with beautiful illustrations, this is a gentle reminder to slow down and appreciate the wonders around us. Also available as a downloadable eBook on hoopla.

Sandy's Pick

Leif and the Fall
by Allison Sweet Grant and Adam Grant
This adorable picture book follows Leif, an oak leaf, who is afraid to fall.  Despite the other leaves insistence that all leaves fall in the fall, Leif is determined to come up with a better way down.

Vanessa's Pick

Bella’s Fall Coat
by Lynn Plourde
Bella’s favorite season is FINALLY here, FALL! And because she has grown so much since last fall, her favorite coat is getting too small for her to wear. When Grandmother says its time to replace it, Bella avoids the topic for as long as possible doing all of her favorite things.    

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