OCTOBER Titles for Young People

Scary Good Reads

Courtney's Pick

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie
by Denys Cazet
A pie-loving ghost returns on Halloween seeking a perfect pumpkin pie.

Kortney's Pick

The Mysterious Sea Bunny
by Peter Raymundo
What could be scarier than…the mysterious sea bunny. Especially since it is not really a bunny at all. Be sure to read this informational picture book about a certain sea dweller aloud to experience the conversational tone of the writing. You will be surprised by the facts you learn and the laughs you share with friends and family. Have fun rooting for the little sea bunny as it journeys across the ocean floor. 

Nancy's Pick

by Stephen Savage
“Something is on the move.”  Nighttime suspense builds until the surprise anti-climax. Savage’s linocut illustrations make me want to dig out my old linoleum cutter and start blockprinting.

Randall's Pick

Scary Stories for Young Foxes
by Christian McKay Heidicker
Also available as a downloadable eBook and audiobook on OverDrive
Unique and chilling, this Newbery Honor Recipient is an atmospheric blend of friendship and harrowing adventure.

Sandy's Pick

Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Media DVD Family
The lovable cheese obsessed duo are back at it again.  Come with Wallace and Gromit as they defend the local produce from something big, hungry, and FLUFFY. 

Vanessa's Pick

Three Little Vikings
by Bethan Woollvin
One day strange things start happening in a small Viking village deep in the forest. And when their questions and concerns dismissed, three little Vikings decide to get to the bottom of the mystery themselves.    

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