February Titles for Young People

Library Lovers' Month

Courtney and Victoria's Pick

Madeline Finn and the Library Dog
by Lisa Papp

From Courtney - Madeline Finn is afraid of making mistakes when she’s reading. Bonnie the library dog stays by her side and Madeline begins to read out loud to her. Through the support of Bonnie, she learns it’s okay to go slow as long as you keep trying, and books are fun to share with friends.  

From Victoria - Madeline Finn does not like reading, not one bit! Her words stumble over each other, the sentences don’t sound right, and she worries her teacher will never give her the star sticker meant for skilled readers. When visiting the library, she discovers something that may give her all the encouragement she needs. Both charming and sweet, this picture book promotes the importance of compassion and patience to motivate reluctant readers.

Kortney's Pick

Biscuit Phonics Kit
Want something new to love about the Library? Welcome to the collection of take home kits for youth. From phonics and weather stations to programmable robots, kits are available for all ages and interests. This collection of kits was made possible by the Friends of Highland Park Library through funding grants from La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas.

Randall's Pick

A Library
by Nikki Giovanni
Join the vibrant adventures of a child who discovers within the library walls a realm where dreams set sail and imaginations take flight. This picture book, penned by acclaimed poet Nikki Giovanni and brought to life by Erin Robinson's whimsical illustrations, is more than just a celebration of reading - it's an ode to the importance of libraries for all.

Sandy's Pick

The Library Book
by Tom Chapin 
Written as both a story and song, The Library Book follows a young girl spending a rainy day with all the friends she finds in her library books.

Tre's Pick

The Library Fish
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
If you’re looking for a story filled with wonder and unexpected adventure, then this is the book for you! As the library gets snowed in one day and the librarian and visitors are not able to come, the Library Fish must entertain herself. Thus, with mighty perseverance, she flings herself from her bowl to discover the wonderful stories scattered about the library.

Vanessa's Pick

The Library
by Sarah Stewart
Elizabeth Brown doesn't like to play with dolls, and she doesn't like to skate. What she loves more than anything else is to read books! She collects and reads all the books she can get her hands on. But over time, the gargantuan towers of books in her home becomes a BIG problem. Elizabeth must find a solution that makes her happy and might even bring joy to her friends and neighbors! 

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