December Titles for Young People

Kortney’s Pick

Chemistry You Can Chomp
by Jessie Alkire
This title is part of the Super Simple Science You Can Snack On series. Food experiments and activities, which are all edible, bring chemistry to life. Plus, who would not want to try at least one of these: atomic pizza, hot chocolate solution, fizzing lemonade, endothermic slushy, marshmallow magic, osmosis gummy bears, or candy chromatography.

Nancy’s Picks

Stone Soup
by Marcia Brown
I can hear Captain Kangaroo’s voice narrating as the hungry soldiers convince village peasants to share their carrots, cabbage, and barley to flavor soup made from stones. It’s a great recipe to follow in life even if you leave out the stones.

The Forest Feast For Kids
by Erin Gleeson
This is a terrific source for anyone cooking with or for children. The color photographs and watercolor illustrations are beautiful and tempting for grown-ups, too. My favorite part is the “color party” menu.

Sarah’s Pick

American Girl Cupcakes
by Weldon Owen
The orange-vanilla swirl cupcakes are the perfect, festive dessert for the holidays. Add ¼ of a teaspoon of allspice to the dry ingredients to give it a holiday twist. 

Sharon’s Pick

Kids' Fun and Healthy Cookbook
by Nicola Graimes
A great cookbook for kids that includes step by step directions for the recipes and wonderful photographs. It also encourages you to think about what you are eating, how it nourishes your body, and tempts the taste buds.

Stephanie's Pick

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates
by Ryan T. Higgins
Does mixing one T-Rex with some very tasty human classmates equal a recipe for disaster? Penelope’s excited to attend school and meet her new classmates, only to find she can’t quite stop snacking on them. How can she get over the munchies and make friends instead?