JUNE Titles for Adults

Oceans of Possibilities


Courtney and Vanessa's Pick

100 Dives of a Lifetime: The World's Ultimate Underwater Destinations
by Carrie Miller

Courtney's Thoughts on the Book:
Explore the magic of our world’s oceans with this inspirational book filled with beautiful pictures, travel tips, and diving advice for beginners and experts alike. 

Vanessa's Thoughts on the Book:
Explore 100 breathtaking scuba diving sites around the world with this treasure from National Geographic, very informative and is packed with tips for newbie and expert divers. The ease with which you can loose yourself while flipping through the otherworldly photos is remarkable. As someone who is terrified at the prospect of diving (scuba or otherwise) in the ocean but is also weirdly fascinated by what’s down there, this book was incredible.

Kortney's Pick

The Woman in Cabin 10
by Ruth Ware
It is a mystery in the wide-open ocean on an exclusive North Sea luxury cruise. Was the splash in the middle of the night just part of the main character's imagination or was someone pushed? The possibilities as well as possible suspects are many. The story has more twists than a complex nautical knot. 

Laura's Pick

Shells, DK Smithsonian Handbook 
Growing up near the ocean, collecting shells became one of my favorite beach day activities. Each shell can represent a lovely memory, and make the perfect décor for your home or desktop! This book is a guide to over 500 species of beautiful seashells and packed with colorful photos.

Nancy's Pick

From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life
by Arthur C. Brooks (not to be confused with Albert Brooks, who made the funny movie Lost in America that’s also about starting over in the second half of life!) 
I get it! The transition to retirement and inevitable aging is scary. Learn to let go of attachment to accomplishments and self-definition based on achievements. Make the jump to life’s second intelligence. Embrace the opportunities presented by your acquired wisdom and deep relationships. Available in a print book, as well as eBook and downloadable audiobook formats

Randall's Pick

The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World
by Lincoln P. Paine
Epic in its proportions, Paine’s work is a history of the importance of maritime trade that manages to be both accessible and entertaining. Also available as downloadable eAudio on hoopla.

Sandy's Pick

In the Heart of the Sea
This 2015 movie adaptation of the non-fiction book by the same name tells the tragic story of the Essex, the Nantucket whaling ship that served as inspiration for the novel Moby-Dick.  Winner of the "Truly Moving Picture Award" at the Heartland Film Festival.

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