JULY Titles for Adults

Cool Stories

Kortney's Pick

No-churn Ice Cream: Over 100 Simply Delicious No-machine Frozen Treats
by Leslie Bilderback
Find delicious recipes for cool treats you can make at home with just a freezer, a whisk or electric mixer, a can opener, a bowl, and a freezable container. Be sure to try the pineapple-peppercorn and sweet potato marshmallow swirl.

Laura's Pick

Europe by Eurail 2020: Touring Europe by Train
Some of the coolest experiences from traveling in Europe was seeing the world by train! This book contains all the information you need to travel Europe by rail.

Nancy's Pick

The White Darkness
by David Grann
Nothing like a trek across Antarctica to beat the Dallas summer heat. Grann’s short biography of explorer Henry Worsley and Worsley’s hero Ernest Shackleton is accompanied by stunning photos of wind-sculpted ice, and of the explorers. And if it’s still too hot to get moving, I can just sit still and ponder what motivates adventurers and explorers to push themselves against nature’s extremes. Also available on CD or downloadable audiobook.

Sharon's Pick

Paths of Glory 
by Jeffrey Archer
When thinking of a book with a subject about a cold climate (trying to keep cool in the summer heat), I chose Paths of Glory. It's the story of George Mallory on his quest to be the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1924. He was last seen 600 feet from the top on the expedition. His body was found in 1999 and it remains a mystery if he ever reached the summit. Great historical fiction based on a true story. 

Vanessa's Pick

Mythos: the Greek Myths Reimagined
by Stephen Fry
Greek mythology has always been an interest of mine since elementary school and Stephen Fry’s “cool” and stylish retelling of Greek mythology’s greatest stories is an instant favorite. I cannot wait to dive deeper into this book!

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