DECEMBER Titles for Adults

Best of 2021


Courtney's Pick

The Everything Green Mediterranean Cookbook: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Healthy and Satisfying Weight Loss
by Peter Minaki
Take the Mediterranean diet to the next level of health with these 200 plant-based, whole food recipes to get you feeling your healthiest.

Kortney's Pick

Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law
by Mary Roach
This non-fiction title explores the conflicts that can occur when wild animals and humans come into contact, as well as how to start thinking about solutions for the conflicts. The author's writing style, which includes a dry, direct sense of humor,  and keen observations of situations reinforce the content and help to keep readers thinking about issues and impacts of those issues long after finishing the book.  

Laura's Pick

The Secrets of LEGO House: Design, Play, and Wonder in the Home of the Brick
by Jesus Diaz
Take a captivating tour of the iconic LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, and discover the colorful and creative philosophy behind the LEGO brand.

Nancy's Pick

by Richard Powers
More focused, intense, and beautiful than Powers’ Overstory, Bewilderment weaves a warning about our endangered planet through beautiful observations of nature and a powerful father and son portrait. Also available as a downloadable ebook. 

Randall's Pick

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know
by Adam Grant
Through research and storytelling, Adam Grant argues the value of rethinking our beliefs and opinions. Also available as downloadable eAudio on OverDrive.

Sandy's Pick

Mary Jane
by Jessica Anya Blau
At fourteen Mary Jane is beginning to realize she may want a life different than what her parents have planned for her, and just what is at stake if she decides to take that different path. Filled with both humor and heartbreak Blau's writing perfectly captures the teenage experience in the best way possible.

Vanessa's Pick

Shine Your Icy Crown
by Amanda Lovelace
Sometimes I get what I call readers block. Where no matter what I just can’t concentrate or focus enough to absorb what I am reading. I find that taking a break and switching to poetry forces my brain to slow down and helps me focus. I found Amanda Lovelace a few years ago and fell in love with her blunt writing style and the raw emotion it evokes. Her writing is so enlightening and empowering to read. This is the 2nd installment in Lovelace’s poetry series “You are Your Own Fairytale”.

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