August Titles for Adults

Holly’s Pick

To Kill a Mockingbird - Book vs. Movie
by Harper Lee
I have always loved this book since reading an excerpt in the fourth grade. The movie is no exception. When authors are involved with the adaptation of their work, it tends to stay true to the meaning and written word. Gregory Peck will forever be associated with Atticus Finch.

Kortney’s Pick

Jurassic Park: A Novel - Book vs. Movie
by Michael Crichton
Dinosaurs, living dinosaurs, plus a far-fetched (so we thought?) DNA plan for recreating extinct species makes for great storytelling in print and on the big screen. Actor Jeff Goldblum's portrayal of cynical scientist Ian Malcolm makes the movie worth the watch. On this one, the movie has more bite than the book.

Laura’s Pick

Gone Girl - Book vs. Movie
by Gillian Flynn
I love a good psycho thriller and highly recommend this title if you like an edge-of-your-seat read, with a complex, twisted crime scene. With an exceptional cast that brought intense characters and a complex plot to the screen, the film adaptation of Gone Girl is equally as chilling and suspenseful. Although the book is fantastic, I really enjoyed the roller coaster ride I experienced from watching the film adaptation.

Nancy’s Pick

Glass Castle: A Memoir - Book (on CD) vs. Movie
by Jeanette Walls
I listened to the audiobook three years ago, and remember being both appalled by the dysfunction and neglect of the children, and captivated by certain episodes of lyric vision, creativity, and love. After reading Educated, the two books became muddled in my mind, so I decided to watch the movie. Woody Harrelson was a good fit for the brilliant, alcoholic, and cruel father. Alas, if I hadn’t listened to the audiobook, I would not have been able to figure out the jumble of episodes and flashbacks with no connecting context. The book is the clear winner.

Sarah’s Pick

The Devil Wears Prada - Book vs. Movie
by Lauren Weisberger
Andrea, a recent grad from a small town lands the job most girls would die for – working for a high fashion magazine. Although she is working for the boss that everyone hates, she is hoping to receive a great reference that will get her a position for any top magazine. What will it take though and is the job worth the price of her soul?

Sharon’s Pick

The Light Between Oceans - Book vs. Movie
by M. L. Stedman
A beautiful historical fiction story about a couple who operates a lighthouse off the coast of Australia. They face many challenges, but enjoy their island home.