April Titles for Adults

Holly’s Pick

Forever Words: The Unknown Poems 
[Downloadable Audiobook]
by Johnny Cash
Available from Overdrive
He was the voice for those that struggled, but held to his faith. His verse is real, and exposes so many hidden feelings. A true down-to-earth poet of our time. 

Kortney’s Pick

[Downloadable ebook]
by William Shakespeare
Available from Overdrive
Discover Shakespeare as more than a playwright with a collection of his most well-know sonnets.

Laura’s Pick

Poetry For Beginners
[Downloadable eBook]
by Margaret Chapman and Kathleen Welton
Available from hoopla
Poetry is a language of its own, and this book is an excellent guide for those who love performing, reading, and writing poetry.

Nancy’s Pick

American Poetry Review 
[Downloadable Magazine]
March-April 2020 issue
Available from RBDigital
This morning I took a break to read six (6) poems by Carrie Fountain. In unusual times, poetry can distill our experience down to a mirror both troubling and healing.

Sarah’s Pick

The Poetry of Nursing
[Downloadable eBook]
by Judy Schaefer
Available from hoopla
Nurses give their perspectives on their lives in healthcare and experiences with patients.