ONLINE Contractor Registration, Permits & Inspections

Access to Permit Software (MyGov) The Town of Highland Park’s contractor registration, permit, and inspection software allows for online access to each of these functions. To provide a fast, more efficient permit application process, please enroll your company with our Contractor Registration program. As a registered contractor you can apply for permits, pay the associated fees, and request your inspections from your Sign-in screen.

Process for Online Access

  • Step 1 - If you are already registered, use the Search for Contractor link to verify you are in our MyGov Permit/Contractor online system. If you know your sign-in credentials, use the Log-in link to access your contractor page. If you need your log-in information resent to you by the system, please email our staff at their contact listed below. Our staff does not have access to your password. We will process your request ASAP.
  • Step 2 - To register for the first time, complete the Contractor Registration process.
  • Step 3 - After you receive your contractor registration letter via email, follow the hyper-linked directions contained within the letter to establish online access to permits and inspections. You will need the 16-digit authorization code and registered name that is included in that letter.
  • Step 3 - Submit a permit application through your Log-in. The Town will review and correspond with you during this step and, once approved, we will issue the permit. As part of the application process, if plans are required to be submitted, you may choose to upload any plans and documents via the online permit application. However, you are also welcome to bring the required plans and documents to our office in person.
  • Step 4 - Request inspections on your active permits through your Log-in.

If you included an email address during the registration process, your inspection results will be sent directly to the email address supplied. However, you can always access your active permit and view the status, or request an inspection.

From your contractor portal/page, you can:
1. request a project;
2. request an inspection on an active project;
3. view the results of an inspection and any notes the inspector may have included;
4. renew your current registration; and/or
5. add a different contractor registration type.

Note: Subcontractor permits will not be issued unless the project permit has been approved.

Other Tools
Generate or Subscribe to Monthly Reports
Estimate permit fees
Estimate contractor registration fee
Search for contractors
Search for permits
Create a contractor Log-in
Check status of My Application

Instructions for ONLINE Processing

Please download the following PDF documents to provide detailed instructions on how to proceed with each of the following processes:

Contractor Registration selection - Online CR Registration Application PROCESS Part 1 (PDF)
Contractor Registration activation - Online CR Registration Application PROCESS Part 2 (PDF)
Permit Application/Payment submittal - Online PI Application Payment PROCESS (PDF)
Inspection Request submittal and results - Online PI Inspection Request PROCESS (PDF)

Serena Palomino
Permit Technician
214-559-9409 direct
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