Request a Vacation House Check

Security While You Are Away

The Highland Park Department of Public Safety will perform house checks for residents who will be away from home for longer than 3 days. On the first full day following departure, patrol officers will begin performing house checks of the residence.  We do our best to conduct the vacation house watches daily, but we cannot guarantee that the call load will always allow this to occur.

If an officer encounters anything that they feel you should be notified of, we will try to contact you through the emergency contact numbers that you provide.

Requesting a House Check or Watch

To request a Vacation House Watch, go to If you receive the Blue Zone News, you already have a login and password. Click on “Login” under RESIDENTS (left side of the page). If you do not remember your password, click on “Click here to create or reset our login password,” located at the top of the page. If you do not receive the Blue Zone News, register under RESIDENTS and “click here to Register.” Once your registration has been approved, you can click on the house icon to go directly to the Vacation House Watch registration form. You can also get to this page by clicking “login.” This form saves your basic information, so you only need to update information regarding your vacation. You will receive a verification email once your request has been reviewed. For questions or assistance with setting up an account, please contact Jessa Russell at 214-559-9487.

Request a house check or watch