Zoning Ordinance & Map

Zoning Amendments & Variance Processes

Ordinance No. 1631

The addresses in Ordinance No. 1631 are a list of combined building sites which occurred after the effective date of Ordinance No. 1631 (August 22, 2005), Section 26-101 (b.) (PDF).

While nothing can guarantee that your project will be approved, the following tips may help facilitate the Board of Adjustments and Zoning Commission public hearing process:

  • Contact the adjacent neighbors (within a min. 200 ft from your property) during conceptual design to receive feedback, interests, or concerns for the proposed project.
  • Prior to the required city notification of the submitted application, invite the adjacent neighbors to comment on the design.
  • Provide city contact information to all neighbors so that they may comment publicly about the project.
  • Provide clean, detailed and legible plan documents for review.
  • Provide an artistic rendering of the proposed structure.