Department Objectives

Objectives for Fiscal Year 2019 - 2020

  • Provide quality redevelopment for the Town
  • Provide timely and accurate plan review and permit processing
  • Work with the Department of Town Services to maintain clean and orderly utility easements where the Town’s water and sewer services and gas services have recently been replaced
  • Work with the Town’s Department of Public Safety to monitor and regulate on-street parking related to private construction projects
  • Coordinate fire sprinkler and alarm system submittals for permitting on new construction (and renovation) with the Town’s Fire Marshal
  • Become more proactive in Code Enforcement with regards to stagnant pool water, drainage nuisances, high weeds, mosquito abatement, and unkept job sites.

It is our department’s goal to be the example by which other municipal Building Inspection and Code Enforcement Departments long to attain. We want to be your first point of contact, and leave a lasting impression due to our engaging customer service attitude. We strive to maintain the Town of Highland Park as a comfortable and enjoyable place to live and work.