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Irrigation Inspections
Water Conservation and Irrigation System Inspections
Each year as the weather get warmer and spring starts to bloom, take a close look at your irrigation system. You could be losing water and not even know it. Check out the potential problems below to see if your system could use some fine-tuning.

Symptoms of Poor Maintenance
  • erosion or water runoff
  • swampy areas
  • obstruction of spray pattern
  • dying plants
  • water spraying on the street or sidewalk

Problems With Sprinkler Heads and Valves
  • valve leaking
  • head clogged
  • head leaking or broken
  • plants blocking sprinkler
  • rotor or impact heads are not rotating
  • head pushed too far into the ground
  • head tilted or spraying in wrong direction
  • sprinkler spacing not providing head-to-head coverage on the lawn

Symptoms of Low Water Pressure
  • pop-up system not fully extending
  • spray is not reaching proper areas
  • doughnut-shaped dry areas in lawn

Symptoms of High Water Pressure
  • pipes keep breaking
  • sprinkler nozzles blow off
  • spray is misting or fogging
  • spray is overshooting desired areas

The Town of Highland Park is committed to helping you save water and maintain a beautiful yard. To check to see if your irrigation system is efficient, schedule a free system check with our licensed irrigator. Call 214-521-4161 today to set your appointment.