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Alarm Services - Frequently Asked Questions
My home is already direct alarm monitored. What else do I need to do?
Complete the Direct Alarm Monitoring Agreement form located on the Highland Park Alarm Services webpage. Questions about the form, or assistance to complete the form, may be directed to Highland Park Alarm Services at 214-559-9393.

Will there be any change in pricing or fees?
Basic alarm monitoring costs will remain the same and there will not be a change in alarm permit fees. Optional enhanced services will be available at an additional cost.

Will I need to register my alarm system with Highland Park?
Yes, the Town of Highland Park requires that residents and businesses within the town limits of Highland Park register their alarm annually for a fee. You may register your alarm online, and the website has information about the Town Ordinance, billing, online payments, and false alarm management.

My home is not direct monitored, but I would like to change my service. What is the process?

Transferring an existing alarm system to direct alarm monitoring will require completion of the Direct Alarm Monitoring Application. The transfer of the system to direct alarm monitoring will require a system check and this may be coordinated through Highland Park Alarm Services. Please call 214-559-9393 for assistance.

What is the benefit of a direct alarm monitoring service?

The greatest benefit is the rapid response time. The alarm signal is sent directly to our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, and officers are dispatched immediately. Since this is an automated process there is no chance for human error when relaying address information.

When I have a false alarm, who do I call?

Call Highland Park Alarm Services at 214-559-9393.

Will my current alarm setup be compatible?
If you are currently a direct alarm monitoring customer, your alarm system will be compatible for your current level of service.  Not all systems will be compatible with enhanced services and may require upgrades or additional equipment.  Call Highland Park Alarm Services at 214-559-9393 for an evaluation of your alarm system.

When will the upgrade take place?
January 15, 2015.

Who do I call for more information?
Highland Park Alarm Services, 214-559-9393.