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Alarm Systems

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1. I am interested in establishing a direct Highland Park monitoring service for intrusion (burglar), fire, panic, and emergency medical. What is the first step I should take?
2. What does the Town offer for direct alarm monitoring services?
3. What will installation services cost?
4. When I apply to the Department of Public Safety for direct alarm monitoring services, who will make the necessary changes in equipment?
5. When I choose to have my alarm system monitored by Highland Park Department of Public Safety, when do I notify my present monitoring company that I no longer need its services?
6. What is the disregard code?
7. Will the Highland Park dispatcher call my house before she dispatches an officer when the alarm is set off?
8. Will a police officer be at my house faster if the Town of Highland Park Department of Public Safety monitors my security system?
9. If I call the Highland Park station and tell the dispatcher that the alarm going off is a mistake and there is no need for the officer to come, will I be charged for a false alarm?
10. If I am not at home, how will I know I had a false alarm?
11. Is there a charge for false alarms?
12. How will I be notified of charges for false alarms?
13. What is the Town’s fee for providing direct alarm services?