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Mosquito Control News & Information
Mosquito Control
The Town of Highland Park staff conducts mosquito control activities year-round, but increases those efforts from April through October, during the most active mosquito season in North Texas.

Testing & Monitoring
The Town works along with Dallas County Health and Human Services Department, and other government and private entities to conduct surveillance and testing of the mosquito population for West Nile Virus. Monitoring for mosquitoes occurs year round. To get the most up-to-date information on mosquito control activities in Highland Park, please sign up with Blue Zone News and Blackboard Connect.

Management Maps

Methods of Control

The Town's Mosquito Control Policy includes public education, source reduction, and larviciding, to prevent mosquito eggs from developing into adults. The Town practices integrated mosquito control with the intent to disrupt the mosquito life cycle in its early stages to eliminate the number of adults and mosquito breeding sites. Should you observe any standing water in public areas or on private property, notify the Town at 214-521-4161 or make the report on the HP4U Resident Connection.

Protection Starts With You
Steps You Can Take

West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue, & Zika Virus 

Staff has discussed Zika Virus strategies with Dallas County Health & Human Services Vector Control. They recommended that the Town continue its integrated mosquito management program.

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