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Artificial Turf - Resident Survey

  1. The Town Council wants to hear from you on the topic of the Town allowing the use of artificial turf in the front and side yard areas of residential properties. The question of the allowing the use of the material in these areas has increased the last few years in response to resident attention to water conservation and difficulties growing natural lawns in shaded areas. Artificial turf currently is allowed only in yard areas which are not visible from the street, sidewalks, or alleys-easements. To help the Town find the best answer for our community, we ask you to take this survey. Please be assured that the survey software provides respondents with complete anonymity. You will not be asked to identify yourself, nor will your IP address be captured at any time over the course of data collection. We appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts as we study the topic of allowing a broader use of artificial turf in our beautiful neighborhoods.

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