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How do I sign up for a Library card?
To acquire check-out privileges, visit during business hours to fill out a library card application. You may select a traditional library card or a key chain card. There is no charge if you are a resident of the Town of Highland Park.

The application asks for name, home address, home phone, business name, address, phone number of the head of household or someone in the family; date of birth; email address; signature; and two forms of identification, i.e.: Texas Driver's License; social security number; contact name, address and phone. If under age 18, a parent's signature is required.

To verify residence of those who do not pay their water bill directly, please bring a copy of your housing lease or the most recent gas, electricity, or insurance bill.

A nonresident fee of $200 per year per family pays for as many cards as there are family members and the same check-out privileges as residents. Another option is a $25 punch card that allows five items to be checked out, whether all at once or one at a time.


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1. How do I sign up for a Library card?
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