August Titles for Young People

Holly’s Pick

The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Book vs. Movie (Hugo)
by Brian Selznick
Selznick’s Caldecott Award winning novel is like a silent film on paper, and expertly captures the innocence and wonder of the early silent films; which is also the subject of this book. While the movie is a very good adaptation that stays true to the original story, the book gives much more insight into the feelings and memories of the characters. His artwork is truly amazing, and the book should be “viewed” and read before watching the movie.

Kortney’s Pick

The Hunger Games - Book vs. Movie
by Suzanne Collins
This is the first book in a young adult trilogy that details the saga of Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers as a tribute in the annual Hunger Games in order to save her sister from a brutal fate. This one act is the spark that lights a revolution in a futuristic society where the Capitol rules by fear over citizens. The movie and its sequels are strong adaptations of the books in the series from the actors to the set design. The world of Panem on film matched the ways I imagined it while reading, I will call this a tie between the book and the movie.

Laura’s Pick

Divergent - Book vs. Movie
by Veronica Roth
For fans of dystopian thrillers and futuristic worlds, Divergent is a suspenseful and action-packed read, with strong characters who draw you into their journey of growing up and surviving in a “factioned” society. The movie is excellent, thanks to a well-chosen, convincing cast. However, I prefer the book over the movie, because you are drawn even deeper into the minds and reactions of each character as they continually face and make difficult decisions in an imperfect society.

Nancy’s Pick

The Hate U Give - Book vs. Movie
by Angie Thomas
The 2019 movie, directed by George Tillman Jr. and screenplay by Audrey Wells, tightens the story to its essential storylines and increases the impact. I strongly recommend both the book and the DVD.

Sarah’s Pick

Holes - Book vs. DVD
by Louise Sachar
Stanley is sent to juvenile detention camp where he and other boys dig a five-feet wide and five-feet deep hole every day. The warden of the camp is making the boys digs these holes, but Stanley wants to figure out why. The warden says it is to build character, but Stanley digs to try to find out the truth.

Sharon’s Pick

Charlotte’s Web - Book vs. Movie
by E. B. White
This is a classic children's book by E. B. White. The story tells of an unlikely friendship between farm animals Wilbur, a pig, and Charlotte, a spider.